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JANUARY 24, 1932

We are proud to offer you an opportunity to celebrate a loved one on our website. You can now make a donation to Voices For Veterans in honor of a special person in your life. A photo of that person with a description written by you will be posted on our Memorial & Dedication page on our website, included in our journal on a 1/2 page and displayed in our Dedication Gallery along with a video montage in the lobby of The Madison Theater the night of our Voices For Veterans Concert on October 22, 2016.  You loved one can be alive or deceased and does not have to be a veteran.  Your generous contribution will help ensure that Voices For Veterans continue to honor and assist veterans in need.

February 26, 1931 – January 5, 2011
Dr. Theodore Bouchard served in the US Army during the Korean War. He was a communications expert. His mission was to break into communications behind enemy lines gathering intelligence, deciphering, translating and relating Korean operations. While on a mission, his vehicle hit a land mine, demolishing the vehicle and killing the driver. He was
severely injured and spent many months at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC. When he was finally discharged, he came home to Flushing, NY, totally disabled. He sought the help of local Chiropractor Dr. Raymond Sabourin and experienced a full recovery. Feeling so indebted to Dr. Sabourin, he enrolled in Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri. He became one of the most respected and sought after Chiropractors in New York, healing people for over 50 years. He married Phyllis Heaton in 1955, and together they had four children: Teresa, Jeannette, Teddy & Greg, who blessed them with eight grandchildren. On behalf of my brothers and sister, I lovingly dedicate this tribute to our Father, who we miss.

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Memorial & Dedication



This is dedicated to my Father, Joseph Goebel.  He served in the United States Air Force and was stationed in China

& Burma.
 He was old school, and one of the most honest, hard-working men I have ever known.  He had a strong sense of discipline and responsibility.  He was totally committed to his family and took on a fatherly role to all of the young men and women in the neighborhood. He had a great sense of humor and loved to make people laugh.  If he were alive today, he could have easily been offered his own HBO comedy special.
Dad was a positive influence on all of his children, and we miss him a great deal.
Your son,
Robert Goebel


October 9, 1947 – February 2, 1968
Pvt. First Class Charles James Bauer, Jr. was the third child in his family of seven children and he was born on October 9, 1947.
Because of family circumstances, we all didn’t get to know each other very well, but he was a loving brother.  Drafted right out of high school, he answered the call, entered the Army and was quickly deployed to Vietnam.
On February 2, 1968, at the age of only 21, he was killed in action.
Charles’ military decorations indicate the kind of person he was aspiring to become.  He was the recipient of the Distinguished Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and the Certificate as Testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service.  A good man, taken too soon.
In loving memory of my brother Charles, Denise Bauer

Both my beloved parents, Bruno & Mary Esposti, are responsible for making me the man I am today. They instilled in me the importance of family values, love for God and my Country, respect for my fellow man,
honesty and integrity.  For these reasons I love them deeply, and I am eternally grateful to them.
May God Bless them both in Heaven.
Your Loving Son

June 20, 1981 to September 23, 2007 

Perhaps not a Veteran, Matthew Marino fought a personal medical war against Neurofibromatosis II for 15 years, winning battles along the way, but the enemy proving to be more powerful in the end. He spent his 26 years being the most loving grandson and son, proudest big brother and caring friend to everyone fortunate to know him. Most importantly, despite the medical obstacles preventing him from living a normal life, he overcame those challenges with love, faith, humor and hope.  Although Matt was taken from us too soon, we are so proud that he became an inspiration of faith and courage to many, especially the children with NFII he counselled as they battled the disease.   He will always be remembered with love and a smile by all of his family, friends, teachers and classmates.  
Forever in our hearts, forever  missed.

Love, Mom and Christian

June 16, 1988-January 1, 2011
You will never be forgotten and we miss your infectious smile that lit up all of our lives.
Your caring attitude for everyone was the way you lived your life.
In Loving Memory and Forever in Our Hearts
Mom, Dad, Robert, Sarah and all your Loving Family


January 18, 1928 – February 27, 1999
Teddy Driesen worked very hard all of his life to attain only the best for his family. He grew up in Brooklyn, the youngest
of eleven children, and graduated from Lafayette High School. During his high school years, he was a boxing champion.
After graduation, he entered the US Army and was stationed in Okinawa in 1946 as part of the Occupational Forces.
During his time in the Army, he was part of their football team.
Upon discharge in 1948, he started an industrial catering business in Brooklyn, which he owned for 20 years. My Mother
Arline, 2 brothers and I have become strong, independent and powerful individuals because of his character, and we are
all proud to bear his name.
I honor my Dad by dedicating my performance on this very special night to him with love and appreciation.
Your daughter,
Jaycee Driesen

You will be requested to supply a photo (no larger than 8x10)  or JPEG photo via email, and the Dedication (no longer than 200 words), along with the details you want included, to Mary Ellen.  Please call her at (516) 502-4870 or email her at v4veteransny@yahoo.com  (please put Dedication in the Subject line) to get all the information you need to arrange for this very special opportunity.

Always Honored  Never Forgotten

Voices For Veterans

July 28, 1922 – December 7, 1971
In memory of my Dad, who served his country from 1942 to 1945 as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Air Force.
Your son, Jeff Glasser

January 23, 1924 – November 28, 2014
In Memory of my beautiful Mom, a true American Woman, who worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard during World War II.  The Daughter of Harry Plosky, a World War I Veteran, wife of Max Horowitz,

a World War II Veteran and Mother of Steve Horowitz, a Vietnam War Veteran.  Thank you for your gentle wisdom, your understanding and constant encouragement, your  generosity, loyalty, compassion and for always being there to make us feel special. You were the best role model, wife, mom, grandma, GG and friend! You embraced everyone you met with kindness and joy. I know our spirits, hearts and souls will be forever entwined in all our lives forever! 

Love, your Devoted and Most Grateful Daughter, Cara
Photos: (l to r) Beatrice Plosky Horowitz, Harry Plosky, Max Horowitz, Steve Horowitz)

Celebrating Our Loved Ones