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Voices For Veterans

Mission Statement​​

Voices For Veterans Corp. was started to honor US veterans nationwide through music events.  We recognize that, upon discharge from the military, many veterans find it difficult to readjust to civilian life due to the life-altering experiences they survived during active duty.  We organize and hold events honoring veterans and military personnel, expressing our appreciation and respect for their service, furthermore,  we provide a platform to raise awareness about the difficulties veterans experience and their needs in transitioning back into civilian life.  At these events, we feature organizations that are currently working to assist veterans during this difficult period in their lives.  We, also, provide assistance to veterans through our Voices For veterans Scholarship, by providing funding for veteran students to further their education at accredited colleges and universities.

  ​​​​​Committee Members

 Mary Ellen Marino, Lois & Rocky Ratner, Tony Petito,

 Laurie Pezullo,  Ed Post, Rusty Seesle,

  Ellen LaPenna, Katelin Koper,

Russell Targove,Cara Berman, and Denise Bauer 

Photographer  Mike Blander-

Camelot Studios, Color Guard Vietnam Vets of America-

Chapter 82, Nassau County 
Medals-provided by Awards of Distinction-Elliot Lieberman
 Boy Scouts Troop 298 New Hyde Park

About Us​​

​​​​​ Voices for Veterans was started with the idea that, through musical events dedicated to the men and women who have bravely served in our country's military, we would acknowledge and appreciate them for their generous contribution to our country's defense and our freedom.  In addition, we have created the Voices for Veterans Scholarship, which allows veteran students to further their education at accredited colleges and universities. Voices for Veterans is a labor of love.  There are no salaries paid, no building expenses, no corporate machine.  We work out of our homes and offices, and we use our own resources.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we support our events through sponsorships, donations, journals, and ticket/merchandise sales. 

Voices For Veterans

​​​P.O. Box 464
Garden City, New York  11530
(Tel) (Text) 516 724-2713   Fax 516 414-8519​

A501c3 Not For Profit